Frankfurt Time

At the Frankfurt book fair that will be presented for the first time Jesus diary Jesus diary is by the religious scholar and exegete Dr. Nisam AlGhasali in collaboration with the Church of certainty based on the four biblical and the unknown (Thomas, Peter, Judas – etc) Gospels, as well as the Apogryphen and other historical documents have been created. What is interesting is that the genealogy (ancestry) neither Amy nor Lukas agrees and in addition the two contradict each other even. (It would be honorable, yes also not necessary to descend from multiple adulterer and murderer David) Anyway, nobody knows about father of the Jesus – know at that time the closest relatives, nor the immediate neighbors – and therefore Jesus also time called his life as a Mamzer. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את ישראל כץ. (A Hebrew God should be the father, was claimed until much later, at a time when nobody ensured that then Yes, God himself as adulterer was stoned by his own divine commandments must be.) At the time, the claim would be Mary a God would have her pregnant, by the Jews as recorded, as a German or Turkish girl would argue this today. But AlGhasali much and nobody – nobody knows to report more about Jesus absolutely – can doubt this, because just as it is written in the Bible! G. Riemer